Topic 1

We have a Japanese stew called “Nabet” in Japan. Nabe one of the dish that is simmered with various ingredients in a large pot.
In old days there was a traditional cooking stove called “Irori”, where it was a habit to eat foods boiled cooked.
By boiling a lot of ingredients in a big pot, a lot of ingredients of extract make Nabe more delicious.

In each region of Japan there is also hot-pot dishes famous as local cuisine. The pot that made use of regional ingredients is also very delicious, and in recent years we can enjoy a lot of taste such as Korean Style Kimchi pot and Italian style tomato pot.
The best merit of doing a pot is that not only can we eat rice happily but everyone can taste a lot of ingredients and have plenty of nutrition.

My recommendation is Kimchi pot. Chili peppers warm your body and is perfect for the cold winter season!
If you have chance to come to Japan, why don’t you try at once in Winter season?

Topic 2

Our Osaka Office has moved!
We moved from Umeda in Osaka city to Minamimorimachi.
Minamimorimachi has the longest shopping street in Japan, “Tenjin Bashisuji Shopping Street”, which is a very vibrant place.
It is very famous as a sightseeing spot, and there are also many delicious restaurants.
If you come to Japan, please come over and see!

Thank you for reading our Mail magazine this year. We appreciate all of your cooperation this past year. We wish you a wonderful a Happy New Year.