Hello everyone! This is Aya Matsumoto with ECI in Japan.
This is the second anniversary of e-mail magazine on July this year. Thank you all for reading. We would like to continue sending for the future, thank you in advance.

Topic 1: KAYA – Japanese mosquito nets

Do you know Japanese mosquito nets called KAYA? When summer comes, mosquitoes increase and are ugly every year. It is mosquito net to play an active part at such time.

In the modern world, it has been difficult to see, but mosquito nets have been used since ancient times to keep comfortable sleeping away from mosquitos. The origin of mosquito nets in Japan is said to have been around the 5th century, and at that time it is said that only royal familys used it. Over time, it has become widely familiar among ordernary people from the Edo period.

However, due to changes in the living environment with the times, modern Japan has not used mosquito nets as much as it used to. On the other hand, the material is made of cotton and silk so it’s gentle on the skin and it is a strong ally of the weak side of the skin that can not be coated such as insect repellent spray.

Items that arrange mosquito nets are now available, and items that make use of materials such as mosquito nets and cloths that protect food from insects at the dining table are being used regularly. Please try a Japanese mosquito net by anychance.

Topic 2: A’s note No. 3

Five years ago on June, I traveled to Italy with my mother, little sister, grandmother, aunt, and cousin’s.

“I’ll wear this dress at Spain Square and make it a favorite on the Vatican! ” I was packing my stuffs up with excitement. And on the day, we were head to Venice via Rome. We arrived in Venice around 11 o’clock pm. “Hah, we finally arrived!!” I said so and waited for the luggage to come out. Then, when the luggage came out about four or five, the machine suddenly stopped.

“What?” People around me were also buzzing. Nothing happens in 30 minutes when I went to the counter and I heard the airport got a strike at Rome Airport, and all of our luggage was stuck in Rome. We could not get out luggage on that day. “What! All of my stuffs in the luggage! What we are going to have to do with clothes and makeup from tomorrow? ? “Well, we just got nothing.

All the way to come to Italy, and should have a good time but I had to spend time and money for unnecessary shopping. It is a little disappointing memory that I did not fully enjoy.

This is my lesson from this experience is that whenever I take a flight, I’ll always carry a pair of underwear and cosmetics in my bag.