How are you? It’s a bit while till sending email letter.
Now a days, the COVID-19 is expanding in the world and How have you been? I think we are facing various situations with the coronavirus pandemic.
In Japan, the emergency declaration has been extended until the end of May and the self-restrained life continues.
So, I thought that I want to share happiness a little so I would like to share my Happy News.

** It became difficult to meet friends easily after declare of emergency. So I tried the popular web meeting with drink! The casual story didn’t stop and five hours had passed even I didn’t realize it! I really thanks to such a convenience SNS, I was able to easily talk face to face with my friends and it was a lot of fun. The favorite at recent drinking parties is the combination of Chu-Hi and Gummy. The combination of Lemon Chuhai and Cola-flavored gummy is my favorite! If you have a favorite combination of alcohol and snacks, please share it! I’m waiting for your contact!
I would like to continue to think about content that you can enjoy in the future.


We started to ship FROZEN FOOD! We have sent the new catalog on 27 April, please check it out. Also we can take a quotation so if you have any interested in frozen food, please let us know. Any inquiry is welcome.Have a nice day and stay well.
Thank you.

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