Hello, there! It’s Ayaka Matsumoto at ECI. Hot days are going on in Japan.
Let’s start August issue!

Topic 1 : End of Summer

Obon is an event that we worship the spirits of ancestors and the deceased. The Obon – four days which consists of Obon day and two days each prior and posterior to it – is not a national holiday but customarily vacation for Japanese Companies and people.

Major offerings to family altars during Obon period are a cucumber and an eggplant with four toothpicks each beneath them.
There, cucumber means a horse and eggplant means a cow and they are for welcoming ancestors quickly and taking them back to heaven slowly as much as we can reflect our affection to them.

Now Obon is a summer vacation for us in fact, I wish we spent the period thinking of ancestors and the deceased so that this Japanese heart warming tradition will be inherited.

Topic 2 : A’s Note #4

It’s a story of two and a half years ago.

I had been having a bad toothache but tying to ignore it. However, the throbbing pain became at the limit and I realized “This is definitely a cavity.” Finally I went to see the dentist. He said, “You have two cavities right side on the back. One of them seems serious. Let’s get treatment started.” No choice. Unwillingly, I took the treatment. Anesthesia hurt and the sound was scary. I truly hate cavities and dentists.

First of all, why did I get cavities!? I perfectly brushed my teeth three times a day. I couldn’t help asking the dentist the reason. He explained that I have wisdom teeth half grown both lower sides. Since they were grown in a bad shape, it was difficult to brush properly. Then he taught me how to brush correctly and recommended to use floss explaining that removing plaque between teeth through threads leads to prevention of cavity. I started to floss before brushing every morning and night since then.

At the periodical check, the dentist said, “You are doing well!” I still have wisdom teeth but they are all fine.