Topic 1 : Father’s Day

June 16 was Father’s Day.

Father’s Day originated in 1909 when a woman named Sonara Dodd (Mrs. John Bruce Dodd) in Washington should think that we should have “Father’s Day” also. Since after Sonara’s mother’s death, her father raised her and five brothers all by himself, she thought it was a good idea to start Father’s Day to thank him. Since her father was born in June, Sonara asked the clergyman at her church to make June the month we celebrate Father’s Day.

It was June 19, 1909, and it was the third Sunday. That’s why Father’s Day became the third Sunday of June in Washington.Then several presidents proclaimed statement about Father’s Day, and finally the day was set as the national holiday in 1972.

How did you spend Father’s Day this year?
I bought a T-shirt with my brother and sister for our father. The size was just fit and he loved it and we were so happy.

Topic 2

When I was 21 years old, I studied Business Management as an oversea student in Canada. I had majored in English in Japan, so I didn’t have any anxiety about everyday life.

However once university started, “Umm….? I don’t understand…” I noticed I was getting behind because I had no knowledge of Business and taking classes in English was harder than I imagined. “What does this mean?” I struggled every day. I couldn’t make well on weekly tests and I upset myself about it.

When I had the fifth test, I happened to see one of my Japanese friend asking questions to professor. She was trying so hard until she understood thoroughly. I was impressed by her attitude and decided to do my best. Since that day, I went to see professor to ask questions every school day.

That action turned worth getting the degree on Graduation Day. The professor praised me saying “Well done, Ayaka. Congratulations!” The diploma became my treasure as proof of my efforts.