Speaking of places where cherry blossoms are famous, it is Japan, isn’t it?

The flowering declaration was finally announced this week. Cherry blossoms are very beautiful. Isn’t it a flower that is popular not only in Japanese but also in the all over the world?

This month I would like to introduce three places I would like you to visit Japan in spring.

1 Osaka Castle (Osaka)

Osaka is famous for its Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki.
ECI’s office is also in Osaka. Here you can enjoy the cherry blossoms along with the historical castle of Osaka Castle. Every year during the cherry blossom season, Osaka Castle is lit up, and you can enjoy Osaka Castle and cherry blossoms not only during the day but also at night. There are a lot of stores open and you may also enjoy the festive mood?

2 Meguro River (Tokyo)

The cherry blossom trees that bloom along the Meguro River are very powerful.
A row of cherry blossom trees centered on about 800 of Somei Yoshino is continued for approximately 3.8 km, and from Nakameguro Station, cherry blossoms from the two riverbanks cover the river like arches, and when you look at the river from the end, inside the cherry cave It feels like you are in Cherry blossom cave. It’s bustling with many people every year.

3Izumo shrine (Shimane)

In Shimane Prefecture, where ECI’s headquarters are located, has a historic shrine called Izumo Taisha (Izumo shrine).
It is famous for having a god of marriage. You can enjoy it just by visiting, but the atmosphere of the cherry blossoms and the atmosphere of the serious Shinto shrines are very beautiful.

Many people according to the land and landscape love the sights of each place. If you came to Japan in spring, please go to the recommended spot once. I think it will be a wonderful memory.

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