In Japan, we use the year in the Western (Gregorian) calendar, but we also give eras names based on the reign of the emperors. The era is also a symbol of Japan, and represents the era of the Emperor.
The new emperor was to enthrone on May 1st, and changed to the new era, “Reiwa.” The era of “Heisei” for us Japanese was a time when the innovated evolution of smart phones and the development of the Internet were astonishing.
In fact, we have seen major changes, such as receiving orders from customers through Microsoft applications.
I’m born in Heisei who is in charge of overseas department. ECI has also been with the 31st anniversary of its founding. From now on, We think it would be great if we could help you and your shop.

TOPIC 2 “Ayaka’s story 01”

When I was 8 years old, I went to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time and so excited. During such a time, parade is coming. My mother went to pick up our ordered original key chain, we went to the meeting place with my father, my brother and my sister to meet my mother. My father was holding my brother’s hand and I walked with my sister. My father keeps on moving forward with his big steps. I pulled my sister’s hand and rushed to catch up my father. However, my sister walked slowly at the age of four at that time, and desperately rushed to “Faster! Please, faster!” and when I saw the father again, I just lost them. I was surprised and pulled out my sister’s hand. But I couldn’t find. Yes, we got lost. I felt it was the end of the world, I cried loudly. A kind staff took us to the lost center and was able to meet my family again safely.
I had a good time, but my first Disneyland thought is full of lost memories.